published stories

Dr sohom das

My Previous Face

20 Dec 2018

This is a more emotional piece about a man with a serious disfigurement, and an unlikely friend. It placed 2nd in the Reader-Writer Lounge competition in September 2018, and was published on their website. Read More


To Err Isn't Human

26 Oct 2018

This is a devious story, with a dark undertone. It was published on the Literally Stories website in October 2018. Read More


The Elephant Head in the Room

26 Dec 2018

This is a story about a man's fragile relationship with his daughter, laced with humour. It was published in the Chantwood Magazine anthology in December 2018. Read More


A Paradoxical Snubbing

20 Dec 2018

This is a surreal story about a complicated relationship between two inanimate objects. An earlier version (named the Ill-suited Pair) placed 3rd in the Michael Terence Publication short story competition in July 2018 and was published on their website (my first ever publication!) Read More


An Exceptionally Maleficent Rapscallion.

15 Jan 2019

This is a comical story about an ambitious demon, causing havoc in Norwich. It was published on the Dark Fire website in November 2018. Read More


A Reasonably Proficient Assistant Thwarter

11 Feb 2019

This is a numerous story about a side kick with a very annoying former boss. It was published in February 2019 by Oddville Press. Read More


Delightfully Charming Little Soiree

12 Mar 2019

This menacing story shows you what happens when a man gets drunk and crashes a dinner party, dying to meet his recently separated wife's new partner, with malicious intentions. Read More


Suspicious Minds

25 Mar 2019

What happens when an unwelcome stranger enters the close-knit cliquey world of Elvis impersonators? This placed second in the World Writers Collective Short Story contest in March 2019. Read More